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Monday, June 15, 2009

Peace, Love, and Wacky Traditions

Tony and Ann (above) are planning a wedding that includes their interests from many of their travels from around the world. This includes 2 years in the Peace Corp. Their vision for the wedding is to have gift favors at each table from a country that was memorable and important to them. Tony and Ann forwarded a list of countries they need ideas for. I hope you will follow me around the world, it's a trip you won't need a passport for.
Below a description of the photos.

"The first one is at the beginning of our Moroccan adventure in 2007. We crossed over from Spain at the Rock of Gibralter into Tangier, then picked up this rental car, only t find that it wouldn't start. There were, of course other glitches along the way, but the trip was fantastic and we loved Morocco, particularly Fez. The second picture was taken in the Medina there, Ann with one of her almost-purchases."

"The final picture is from my Peace Corps days in El Salvador - I'm with my theater group, we did a play about pregnancy and religion in small town life in Mexico. It was a comedy."

Keep checking for updates and ideas.

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