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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Peace, Love, and Wacky Traditions: Chinese Inspired Gifts

Group Wedding Ceremony

My Couple Tony and Ann (See Peace, Love and Wacky Traditions) gave me a list of countries that each reception table could represent. Here is my take on China:

In China Red is a color that represents joy, luck, happiness. The bride also carries a red umbrella open down the aisle which will protect her from evil spirits. The Chinese also believe that the Number 8 is good luck and an estimated 9000 couples got married last year 8.8.08 . I think they may have set a record.
Here's 8 ideas that incorporates this Chinese traditions.

  1. The table should have only 8 guests, since 8 is a lucky number in China.
  2. The Table number is 8. Or use a photo of your travels as the table assignment instead of numbers.
  3. Red parasols for the 8 guests at the table
  4. If the parasols are too expensive use red fans (really inexpensive).
  5. Decorate the table in red with a red table cloth and gold accents
  6. Give each of the guest a silver #8 charm (not as expensive as it sounds) tied with a red ribbon or cord.
  7. Packages of red tea along with tea balls
  8. Throw in some tea cups
Below the who what where links:
Good Luck Tony and Ann

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