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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Love, Peace, and Wacky Traditions: Thailand

In Thailand the weddings are complicated and are filled with much symbolism that will ensure that the couple have good luck. Below a few ideas to piggy back on:

1. Thailand, like China, has a number they favor too. 9 is lucky and since Tony and Ann's wedding is in September 2009, they are on the right track. This is a table that should have only 9 guests and it should be table #9. As the silver charm #8 for the China inspired table, order the number 9 from the Charm Factory.
2 .Making Merit is a very important custom. Buddhist priests are invited to the wedding and donations are made to a local temple which ensures a life time of love in the marriage. In some weddings couples will grant animals their freedom. Some release birds or take a turtle back to the sea. These are very nice gestures but why not make a donation to an animal rescue service. Each guest at this table can have a donation made in their name.

3. The Shell Ceremony-Rad Nam Sang which translate to "soak with water". The couples and also the guest's, hands are washed using a conch shell with holy water.

I had this idea for that is inspired by this custom, give the guests conch shell soaps. Give the guests the explanation and they will get something they can use and enjoy. These shells can be found at Suddz Soap Company. Add a note that describes the hand washing ceremony. I know it is a stretch but I think it works.

4. White Thread Ceremony 'Phiti Bai Sri Su Kwan' is where the couples sit next to each other and a elder gives them sage advice and blesses them. White threads are linked and soaked in holy water. The thread is pulled from side to side and when it is broken who ever gets the longer thread is the one that loves the deepest.
Relatives will tie strings around the couples wrist (Sai Sin) to wish them good luck. Do this in reverse. Give your guests white rubber bangles (OK this is a stretch, but it is fun and really cheap), found here.
However I say use the silver #9 charm using a white cord and tie this around your guests wrists.

There is more about Thailand Wedding Customs


The Bridal BFF said...

You learn something new everyday! I just came across this blog...I love it. Thanks for sharing!

Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

Thank you, I learned something too.

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