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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wedding Moon Gate

Photo from Scraps Of My Life

The Moongate is a decorative feature used in landscaping. Although this is a prominent feature in many Bermudian gardens, it is not originally from the Rock (common nickname for Bermuda).

The circle symbolizes unity, peace and happiness and is thought to originally Chinese and/or Japanese. In 1860 a sea captain came home with some decorating ideas from the East. His sketches for the circular gateway that he built himself was such a hit, many other islanders set out to adopt this idea. It became the norm for entering gardens and is now a national symbol.
The belief is a couple should make a wish as they pass under the Moongate holding hands. Their happiness is everlasting and good fortune lies ahead for their marriage.

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Lisa Michelle Event Planner said...

Hey this is neat. It looks like a stargate.

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