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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sent From The Heart

A Traditional Nigerian Wedding

As in many older cultures of the world, weddings are filled with ceremonies that include preparing the bride and groom for the next step in life. In Nigeria there is a ceremony for the bride and grooms families to get to know each other. The grooms family will arrive at the brides home with a letter that asks for her hand in marriage. This ceremony includes dancing and money gifts to the brides family. They hope the brides family will except the letter. This is done a few days before the wedding.
The Engagement Ceremony is next. The grooms family visits again to find out the response. Both families are now properly introduced. I am sure years ago days this was more than a formality. If the letter or the brides price was just not right the young lovers could not get married. Kind of like Romeo and Juliet.

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