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Monday, February 18, 2013

2 Ceremonies 2 Cultures 1 Love

The photos/Daily News by Simone Samuel

Nathan and Bonnie created their culturally infused wedding that included a traditional Zulu and Australian wedding ceremonies.

Nathan, an Australian native lived in South Africa for 15 years, he was still struck by the many Zulu traditions that Bonnie's family were accustom to.

The Lobola, Nathan pays for Bonnie's hand in marriage.  Also the Monday before the wedding, Nathan's family brought gifts to her family and this is called, izibizo. 

Giba CafĂ© at Giba Gorge was the perfect spot for their culturally-infused outdoor wedding.  On Saturday, the western traditional wedding, the couple exchanged vows under a white draped gazebo.  Then Sunday, the 110 guests enjoyed the colorful experience of a traditional Zulu wedding.  

After the wedding Bonnie and Nathan traveled to Australia where she could experience the Australian side of the family.   Read more 

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