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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Kwanzaa Wedding Featuring Iwa L'ewa Dancers

When the Kwanzaa Bride (Audrey Davis) got married she knew it would be a grand celebration.  Audrey is the assistant director of Iwa L'ewa Heritage Dance Ensemble and they have danced in celebration for many couples.  This time would be her chance to be anointed through dance 
While it is grand and exciting to watch them, they also want you to be in on the fun.  We were all (guests) invited to learn a new dance and participate.  It is a wedding not a performance.  Later I asked Audrey, if they must have created this just for you.  She said "No, this is how we do it.  We do it big.  Now I know what my brides are feeling.  They made me feel so special".


Edwina said...

thats what i am talking about, I want a full out African wedding when my day comes

Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

Thanks so much Edwina, so glad you enjoyed this. There are so many ways to incorporate African traditions in a wedding. Keep checking in for new ideas.

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