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Sunday, May 02, 2010

A Safe Gift for The Maids

This gift may seem like a small token of your appreciation for buying a dress, you claim they can wear again.  Buying shoes to match and wearing their hair to your specifications.  She is also covering up the rose tattoo on her left shoulder, because your grandmother is conservative.  Que the DJ  and start singing "That's What Friends Are For".  

In an Old English tradition, it is good luck and a better mate finder than Match.com.  Apparently as the legend goes, giving out pins to your single friends will guarantee marriage in one year.  They are also great gifts for married ladies who like to bet the ponies, I don't know how but they help picking winning horses when placing bets. (I don't get it) source: Wacky Wedding Superstitions

The above example is carrrrrrrazy expensive, a sterling silver pin will do and they come waaaaay more reasonable.

These pins are 5 for $60 at Silver Boot.  Put each bridesmaid's initials (available at Charm Factory) on the pin with a jump ring.  

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