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Friday, August 01, 2008

His Last Piece

On a recent episode of Bridezillas, budget conscious Brandi, visits a cake vendor to decide what style wedding cake she'll have for the big day. After she has made her selection, she has one more request for the Grooms Cake (more on that later).

In this tradition the cake was usually a fruit cake, which is cut up into small pieces and boxed. Female guest would then put the box under their pillow and dream of their future husband. Today the cakes are usually a chocolate flavor and the most fun is the cake is created in the shape of the groom's interests.

Hot Breads

Denas Cakes

Heavenly Crumbs

Groom Cake Topper

This cake practice is strong in the south, but couples all over are taking a slice from this sweet tradition.
Now this brings me back to Brandi, the Bridezilla lovely from Texas. As I mentioned, her Grooms Cake request left both her sister and the baker shocked. Brandi wanted the cake to be in the shape of a ... well the shape of a woman's poom poom (don't look it up you know what I'm talking about). Anyway, she thought this was a symbol of "His last piece". Poor Brandi, couldn't understand why they didn't get it. She goes on to tell her sister, the baker, the candlestick maker that she thought long an
d hard about this. Now, I thought, wait, this may not be appropriate for the wedding reception (as they both tried to explain) but she was dead on for the bachelors party. She was also in the wrong bakery for this type of cake. So I took a trip down the Internet highway, just for you my dear readers, and did a sexy cake search. Here is the list of what I found:

Caution! these websites very sexy, consider yourself warned

Nookys Erotic Bakery
Sexy Sues Cake Decorating Kit
Exoctic Cakes
Eroctic Bakery

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