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Saturday, July 26, 2008

He Spits On Her Head

When your dad spits on your head you will know that it is deeply rooted in the Massai wedding ceremony. Read ahead for details:

Picture from:
Multicultural Resource Center

Article Source: Africa Guide

The Massai people of Kenya grow up with children of their own age and normally form relationships with these people. However, in marriage women are given to a man they do not know who is much older then themselves. The bride packs all her belongings and is dressed in her finest jewelry. At the marriage ceremony the father of the bride spits on the brides head and breasts as a blessing and then she leaves with her husband walking to her new home she never looks back fearing that she will turn to stone. This can be a very sad experience for the bride, who is 13-16 years old and may walk a long way to get to her new house. In order to ward off bad luck sometimes the women of the grooms family will even insult the bride.

So the next time your future in-laws insult you, hold your punches and say nothing, they are just trying to ward off bad luck.

African women have an incredible talent of mixing colors and patterns. Watch this You Tube Video by 601 TV: Massai Wedding: The Bride

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