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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Breaking Things/ A Tradition

There are many wedding customs that seem to include breaking things.  In a Czech tradition at the beginning of the reception, the Bridal Party will break a plate at the feet of the Newlyweds.  They both sweep the broken pieces up to insure happiness and their willingness to work together.


Now what to do with those broken pieces.  The above photo is of a center piece made from broken plates.  Project:Unbroken
"We have all broken something by accident. For most of us, the pieces go right into the trash. But to22 saw broken pottery as a great design opportunity. “Most people see broken objects such as dishes as useless. Instead we saw that something wonderful was revealed. It’s about a second life- and what better way to have these qualities noticed than by placing them right out in the open, in the middle of your life? Your dining table is the place where you converse, the place where you share and this design was created to be the centerpiece.”

from The Budget Fashionista

Another project for the broken plates is create your frame that will hold one of your favorite wedding photos of the day.  Visit The Budget Fashionista/DIY:Mosaic Picture Frames for full instructions. 

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