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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shugi-Bukuro/Cash Upon Entry

Wedding etiquette says it is gauche to ask for money as a wedding gift, but the Shugi-Bukuro, a Japanese wedding tradition, says ask for what you want and specify the amount.

Wedding Cultural Favors
"Guests attending a Japanese wedding reception are expected to bring Oshugi, a cash gift. Sometimes, the amount is specified on the invitation. Typically the amount depends on the guest's relationship with the couple. The cash is presented in a decorative envelope called Shugi-bukuro." [source: Worldly Weddings]

The amount given is usually an odd number.  This is done to symbolize that the couple cannot be divided.  If the leading number forms an even number ($200), an odd number of bills are given.  Also gifts with the lead number of 4 is not recommended.  4 in Japanese is pronounced shi which is also the same pronunciation for death.  Like wise for the number 9, which sound similar to the word for suffering.  So it sounds like $358.53 will be the perfect amount.

Here is a modern take on that important envelope.

Keetee Garden Photograph Money Envelopes

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