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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It is a centuries old (and even older than that) tradition, that is still practiced today, arranging a marriage.  The selection of ones spouse, is chosen by someone other than the couple.  Although this practice is deeply rooted in Royalty and Aristocratic families, the tradition is common in countries like Asia, Africa, Middle East, and through out the world.
Arranged tells the story of two women,  Muslim and Orthodox Jewish, who form a strong friendship, through teaching and arranged marriages.  Rochel and Nasira may appear to have restrictions, but that is the opposite of what their lives represent. It is both touching and fascinating as we (the viewer) get a glimpse of a very different world, modern and ancient.

The movie was made in 2007 and I just happened on it via "demand".  It is a real gem of a movie: Arranged

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