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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Making a Charming Statement

Apothegm Jewelry
I love love love charm bracelets and for years I thought what a great idea to have a charm bracelet of Adinkra Symbols.  Apothegm Jewelry creates just what I was thinking of.
This company is owned by two women in Upstate, New York.  They sell sterling silver custom-made charms including bracelets and necklaces.

Duafe: Symbol of beauty and femininity

Gye Nyame: I am afraid of none, but God

Sankofa Bird: Learning from the past to build the future

The charms represent West African Adinkra Symbols that originated in Ghana.  Each symbol depicts the panorama of cultural life parables, aphorisms, proverbs, and popular sayings that are universally accepted.  See more symbols here.

This also works as gifts for each bridesmaid.  Give the symbol that best represents your friendship and who they are to you. 

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