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Sunday, January 16, 2011

On The Shoulders Of Their Ancestors

The traditional Japanese Kimonos, hair jewels, the tea ceremony,  and the power of a culture.  For Jaci and Reid the strength and the significance of this traditional Japanese ceremony is evident in this video. Their ancestors smile and bless them as they move into the next stage of life. Jaci and Reid stand on the shoulders of their ancestors. 

Turn up the speakers and feel the love :: Jaci & Reid :: SDE from STUDIO:RED on Vimeo.
    Embracing their Japanese heritage and culture Reid and Jaci held a private traditional Japanese ceremony that included Traditional Japanese wedding customs (shinzen shiki).  Jaci was professionally dressed in a traditional all-white wedding Kimono while Reid was dressed in a black kimono with his family crest in white in five different places. 

    A few days later they held a western style wedding ceremony at the Ocean Crystal Chapel. There was not a dry eye (or nose) in the chapel as the two exchanged heartfelt words to each other.  Their was so much crying that the pastor commented afterwards, "i think we just took care of the drought."   

    This is their same day edit feature we crafted and presented to them at their wedding reception following their western ceremony.

    In true form to their non-traditional recessional we gave them a non-traditional ending to their feature.  


Aspen Wedding Photographer said...

Beautiful video. Must have been alot of work putting together two ceremonies (two outfits, hair styling, makeup, etc). Like the recessional, although not original as another wedding party did that some type ago. Thanks for posting. Karen

Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

I agree, with you, Aspen Wedding, the recessional isn't the most original, but the awkwardness of it was still cute.

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