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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Breaking The Law With Make-Up

In 1775 it was against the law for brides to wear make-up, believing it created an illusion and would trap an unsuspecting groom into marriage.  Wow, women must have really laid the rouge on pretty thick.


braids said...


The thing is I kinda see it that way as well. I'm not against wearing make-up, infact I do wear make-up but I just feel that every bride should look like themselves but just abit more groomed on their wedding day and not like somebody else, afterall come the morning after you don't want your poor hubby to wake up thinking he had married somebody else.

Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

You make a good point "braids", we should look like who we are. I once saw a bride after her make-up was done but wanted to scrub her face. She looked less like herself than I remembered, BUT she looked gorgeous in her photos.

wedding favor said...

Oh, this is a trivia for me. I like the belief of it. Being oneself, especially on special occasion like wedding...this is great!

Mohammed said...

I like it so much!...love it..

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