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Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Disappointed Me

On a recent episode of "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" a couple challenges each other for wedding day details.  Both are Chinese American but the Groom would like more Chinese traditional customs incorporated into the wedding.  The Bride does not, as I remember it she states she is American and does not want to do any of these old Chinese things (this is not a direct quote but it was something like that).  In the clip that is posted does no justice to what happened later in the contest. 

The couple goes on to other challenges and the bride looses her option to wear her white wedding gown and has to wear a Chinese traditional garment.  She cried like a 5 year old and then wore the white dress anyway, as she said "Every bride wants to wear white on their wedding day".  I didn't realize the world revolve around her and her opinions.  
I was disappointed because she seemed to lack any cultural pride. I hope the best for this couple because this is not a good beginning.  

P.S. Dude the weepy crying thing has got to stop.  You will never get your way with that tactic.  Stand your ground, be firm for what you want, and don't take no for an answer.  Your bride got what she wanted no matter what.

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African-American Brides said...

Wow... I wish I would have seen that. In my opinion it's the personal and cultural things that make each wedding unique.


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