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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Don't Do This

I just read a question posted on Ring Envy: "How do I incorporate being a virgin bride into my wedding festivities?".  You can imagine there were a huge number of responses that were against an announcement and many of them were quite funny.  And then there were a few who thought "Good for you, say it loud!".  

What is interesting, in some Middle Eastern Islamic countries, the bride must be a virgin.  At the wedding party on the wedding night, the groom and bride leave the ceremony to consummate the marriage. The mother of the bride must stand outside the door of the bedroom to wait for the groom to hand her a blood stained sheet to verify the bride's virginity had not been violated.  If the blood is not present, the groom has the right to annul the marriage.

Now that is toooooo much information!

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