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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Forbidden In February and May

Illustration of an Ancient Roman wedding procession. Courtesy New York Public Library

In Ancient Rome, it was believed that it was unlucky to marry in February and May but lucky in June.  Holidays and festivals are celebrated in these two months.  Which means if a wedding is planned it will upset the Gods.
I have another perspective, I think everyone will be too busy preparing for the daily celebrations to pay attention to a wedding in the mix.  Good advice for today's couples, if you think planning a wedding around a 3 day weekend, national holiday, or the Superbowl, this deserves a second thought.   Although weddings on or during holidays seem like a good idea because most of your guests will have the days off.  Work is at a slower pace and everyone will be relaxed.  Good reasons to choose this time, but some guests may have wanted to plan something else for their national holiday days off, like vacationing in a B&B without seeing a single person they know.
The Superbowl is a whole other ball of wax.  I read a story of a bride who thought this was a good idea since the groom's favorite teams weren't playing.  It didn't matter if your man (and everyone else) likes football, you could be fighting for the attention.  Then again if you carry a pom pom bouquet, he may even believe he's at the stadium.  Just keep shaking those pom poms.
Anyway, there are dates to avoid and pick the wedding day very carefully.  Take a poll among family and friends, which will give you some perspective for a great wedding dates.
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