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Monday, October 19, 2009

Be Charming

Adinkra Symbol Charms

As Adinkra Symbols grow in popularity as accents for cultural weddings, designers and companies are becoming more creative. Adinkra is most commonly associated with Akan people of Ghana. Symbols are painted on cloth, pottery, logos, and are seen all over. 
They represent concepts or aphorisms. Todays couples are finding the right combination of symbols that best represent them and their lifestyle.

This can serve you well as bridesmaids gifts. Give each attendant a symbol that best represents your friendship or give them a combination of symbols.

The Adinkra charms (above) from Soul of Somanya are available in a variety of sizes and metals from sterling silver, copper, gold filled, and gold. The prices make gift giving a charm (I couldn't resist)

Soul of Somanya is a small company is a staffed only with volunteers. While the marketing is done here in the US (Mobile, Alabama). The real work is done in Somanya-Krobo in Ghana, West Africa. This is where they are working to develope sustainable employment and opportunities. Your gift can mean so much more.

Soul Of Somanya

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