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Friday, July 24, 2009


There has been so much talk about the lavish and over the top wedding customs of Western Weddings. I, on the other hand, know differently, customs around the world, has us (Americans, movie stars, narcissistic couples), beat in the opulence of celebrating nuptials.
Igbankwu is one of three wedding ceremonies which is the Igbo word for traditional marriage ceremony (displayed here in these photos).
  • The traditional marriage held in the house of the woman
  • The official wedding, held in a registry office which allows only one wife
  • The religious marriage.
Prior to the Igbankwu the bride and grooms family discuss the terms of the marriage. This is something all couples of any culture should do, especially here in America.

Enjoy these photos from
Brides Heavens by Francesco Vitteta
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1 comment:

Carlo/Carlo At Your Service Productions said...

Now this is what I call "looking different" when planning a wedding. The photography is gorgeous! The colors of the bridal wear is beautiful and intense in color.

I loved this post. Thanks!

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