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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

2 Husbands +1 Wife= More Land

Love those braids
I love the braids

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If you haven't heard about Yearning For Zion Polygamist Ranch, welcome back from under that rock. Plural marriages got a real sock in the jaw when this community was revealed on the news. Children were removed (over 400) and their unique way of life was questioned everywhere. But polygamy is a world wide custom practiced by other cultures who live comfortably in their communities.

Mustang, Nepal
Anyway, my question is can a woman have more than one husband? Although this is less common, the practice is polyandry. In my search I found that there is a place on earth called Mustang, located the northwest part of Nepal. It is one of the few places in the Himalayan region that has retained their traditional Tibetan culture. Which includes a wife having more than one husband.

This is how it works, a man wants to marry he has to give the woman's family a piece of land as a dowry. Then another brother wants to marry he must do the same. So as not to loose their domain through marriage, brothers will marry his brother's wife. Many brothers can share one wife because there is a lack of tillable land.

Men can be pretty demanding for attention, so they handle it very organized. Each husband is on a schedule. How will they know who is the father of the children. The eldest of the men will be called father and the other men are called uncle.

Now if we could get the networks interested we've got a reality show. No wait, something like that already exist.....Maury Povich.

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