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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Nuts In Love

Want to save money on favors, try something the Roman's did in 400 BC. Grooms gave Walnuts to his friends as a farewell gift to being a bachelor. I don't know what nuts cost back in the 400's, I am sure it's relative to the time.
Today walnuts are CHEAP compared to a silver plated money clip. A bag of walnuts may not have the same appeal as in the olden days, but in these tough financial times don't sweat it, no one has money for a money clip, make some lovely gift bags for your guest and be happy not broke.

Fill small burlap bags or Muslin drawstring bags (these are from Pouchmart.com) with nuts. Tie and with an attach a card and the meaning.
If you could spare a few more dollars per gift, also include a nutcracker if the walnuts are in the shells.


Vineyard Painter said...

What a great idea. Wonderful blog! Saw your greeting cards on Etsy.

otto haring said...

Great info about weddings!

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