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Thursday, August 14, 2008

There Will Be A Bucket

If many of you recall, Bridezilla Brandi from Texas (The Grooms Cake). Brandi had some real issues (as so many of the Bridezillas do), with money. Brandi wanted a high class wedding with a Walmart budget. This is fine when you understand your limits, but Brandi, true to the tradition of Bridezilla, is going to solve her problem by having others solve it for her. At the Rehearsal Dinner, the groom decides to make an announcement "Can everyone keep their meals to $10 or less", as Brandi sits covers her face out of embarrassment. Some of the guest even offered to pay for their own meal, which took her over the top, so she makes an announcement "There will be a bucket for you all to put money into". This may seem inappropriate, but I think again she could have solved this problem with a long standing tradition call "The Money Dance" or "Dollar Dance".

The idea of the dance is the male guest pay for the favor of dancing with the bride and the female guest pay to dance with the groom. Pinning money to her gown, gives the couple money for the honeymoon and for setting up house keeping. From the early 1900's immigrants from Poland have celebrated this tradition. Other countries include Italy, Yugoslavia, Latin countries as well as some African countries. Today the tradition is done for fun rather than need and at the end of the day a dollar is a dollar so, Shake That Money Maker!

A note to would be Bridezilla's, find a tradition that fits your neurosis. Claim it as your own, so you can stop the melt down.

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